Landscapes – The title of the series is “Roadside.” These are paintings of Central New York that represent a kind of diary. I wanted a record of where I grew up and where I now raise my children.

Figures – The clown series are paintings of fictionalized artists and models. Traditionally, the clown hat represented a search for wisdom. Associated with the “dunce” hat, the point is a beacon or point of contact for knowledge. The clown is also the jester or wise fool. As in Dostoevsky, the village idiot is the source of spiritual wisdom. This parallels the role of the artist.

Still-life – Coming Soon.

Classical – On going copies of Master Paintings. Titles reflect the source.

The Vault – The Vault represents experiments, missteps, and things that otherwise plague me.

Here’s some of what you’ll find:

Black Forest Series” – classically drawn portraits and figures with painted elements superimposed over them.

“The Acquisitions Series” -A satire of fictional portraits of art collectors and dealers. This is a story of how our concept of art is often driven by investments.

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